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Free expansions to products and settings, including articles, maps, stories, and small modules.

Chélemby Downloads

We have a growing number of free product expansions designed to support GMs and players using the Chélemby setting.

These include:

Chélemby City Interactive PDF maps

Chélemby products for sale

Of course, there are all the Chélemby products available for purchase:

Emélrenè and surrounding regions Poetic Map

Emélrenè Poetic Map A 'poetic' map of Emélrenè and the surrounding regions, as drawn by the loremaster (rowánti) Fástred of Beréma.

Includes three versions of the map:

  • a single-layer PDF map with certain information not displayed, principally the names of 'special' and minor locations.
  • a multi-layer PDF map with all information available via PDF layers, including a grid overlay.
  • a single-layer map entirely in Lakíse and Eméla, the script and language of Emélrenè...
  • This free expansion complements the Kingdom of Emélrenè and Emélrenè Regional Map products.

    Chéler alliances and feuds

    A supplement to the Kingdom of Chélemby module, which gathers together information on the various Chéler tia-nalâri (noble clan) alliances and feuds.

    This information will be further developed in the forthcoming Chélemby Clans and Folk.

    I Chéler - Guida del Giocatore

    Una guida sui chéler, la loro cultura e il loro folklore, pensata principalmente per introdurre i nuovi giocatori e i Gamemasters alla scoperta di questo caratteristico popolo.

    Download file

    Great Clans of Emélrenè

    Great Clans of Emélrenè

    Emélrenè is the oldest feudal realm in Venârivè (Northwestern Lýthia). The kingdom’s noble houses can trace their ancestry back generations, and claim links to the founder of the realm.

    Each noble clan also has links to the ‘Free Eméla’ or Émhlè, the Eméla who live a semi-nomadic lifestyle in the wildlands of the kingdom and beyond.

    This publication provides an introduction to these great clans, detailing the fiefs of the kingdom, outlining the tenants-in-chief, and lists all the holdings of the realm.

    This publication is a free supplement to Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia.

    A map of the fiefs of the kingdom is also provided.

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