Poetic map of Emélrenè and surrounding regions

Emélrenè Poetic Map

We are pleased to be able to provide a 'poetic' map of Emélrenè and the surrounding regions, as drawn by the loremaster (rowánti) Fástred of Beréma. This free expansion complements the Kingdom of Emélrenè and Emélrenè Regional Map products.

Includes three versions of the map:

  • a single-layer PDF map with certain information not displayed, principally the names of 'special' and minor locations.
  • a multi-layer PDF map with all information available via PDF layers, including a grid overlay.
  • a single-layer map entirely in Lakíse and Eméla, the script and language of Emélrenè...
  • Download here: Poetic Map

    We hope that Gamemasters and players both find this a useful tool in playing in Emélrenè.

    Legends of Venârivè — The Tears of Irúla

    In northwest Trierzon, the triangle between the Gaden and Urven Rivers is an area much visited by Laranian pilgrims. Three adjacent esards on the border between Ilbra and Senedalo — Irulane, Yras and Tiridh — are home to abbeys of three different orders of the Laranian church.

    Irulane abbey is the traditionally recognised birthplace of Saint Irula, a Trierzi maiden who lived about six centuries ago. The story of Irula is well-known in the region. It recounts her chaste love for a lost warrior, how her tears of mourning turned to precious stones, and the miracles of healing which she later performed in Larani's name. The story is an important instructive tale in the conversion of the Trierzi tribesmen to the Laranian faith and is oft repeated by priests today in northwest Trierzon. [Read more...]

    Trade Routes of the Émel Gálani

    Émel GalaniThe Émel Gálani (Middle Straits) are the waters between the isle of Hârn and the Lýthian mainland. At their narrowest point, they are just 12 and 1/2 leagues across.

    Numerous ships ply the routes through the straits, many connecting the port of Chèrafîr on the Hârnic isle of Mèlderýn to those on the mainland. Others pass between the coastal ports of Álagon, Emélrenè and Palíthanè, and beyond to locations farther north and south.

    The renowned loremaster Fástred of Beréma has produced numerous charts used by the wealthier pilots and ship captains of the region.

    Two versions of Master Fástred's charts are provided here: an ordinary or mundane version, which shows a selection of trade routes all at once, and a much more rare example which shows only those routes that the owner wishes to view at any given time. Only a very few of this second, magically endowed chart are in use. [Read more...]

    Tára: Chapter 5 - Joining the Heron

    City of KâremusKâremus, Álagon, 3 Halánè, TR716

    Unseasonably cold and miserable rain splashed down on the outer wharf of Kâremus. Tára pulled her cloak tighter, but it did little to keep her warm.

    She glanced back bitterly once more at the ship tied up at the wharf. The captain and senior crew seemed to have already forgotten her as they busied themselves about unloading the ship. [Read more...]

    Tára: Chapter 4 - Wolves of the Sea

    Badge of the Pilot's GuildEastern Venârian Sea; 20 Halánè TR715

    Tára looked out over the handrail of the Kald Blyst, back towards the Degéla estuary and the rapidly fading outline of the islands and docks of the city of Janôra. It had been good to see her old city, and her family, once again after many years away.

    They had left the Janôra docks with the rising tide towards the end of the afternoon watch, and were now making their way south, returning to the port of Kôlvis on the island of Menêma.

    The bosun of the Blyst called out orders to the crew as the ship tacked in the freshening breeze. Tára felt the presence of someone at her shoulder, and turned slightly to see her master, the pilot of the Blyst, Ertâr. [Read more...]

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