HârnCon V (7 to 9 Sep 2007)

Photos from the most excellent HarnCon V. HarnCon is the semi-annual gathering of the Hârnic Tribe. HârnCon V was held at the Royal Armouries, Leeds, in the (dis)-United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Many thanks to Andy Gibson, organiser extraordinare.

Off the Wall

We even got out and about once or twice

HarnCon V - The Full Moot

Almost everyone who attended HarnCon V is in this photo. Unfortunately a few people were only able to come for short bursts, or had to leave early. Still, what a sterling bunch...

View from the Tower

The Royal Armouries, Leeds. Located in the now very up-market locks area. Lots of good places to eat, etc.

An excellent venue for HarnCon V.

Andy Staples - GM to the ... whole of HarnCon?

Here Andy Staples attempts to GM ... well not all of HarnCon, but a good percentage...

Brave man.

A Shower of Silver

Lastest in a line of excellent adventures by Neil Thompson...

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