Gallery of the Chantry of Arcane Lore in Beréma

Who sets his work upon the wall for all to see, opens his heart to the howling gale and his soul to the lament of time and fortune. He says unto the world, 'cut me and watch me bleed'. May that which is given be in the same spirit consumed. May that which is given quench the traveller's thirsting.

Paciphibian World View

Kethîra Atlas Prototype cover. I've been wanting to do a cover with turtles and elephants and whatnot for many years now, but for some reason I've never understood, they seem to invite dissent, hostility or ridicule. [Read more...]


That which endureth may stand in this place to the end of days, that which fails be most oft forgot. Why take up thy courage, brace thy hand in defence of virtue? Where lies virtue now? Is it buried in the parched earth or does it fly to battle in evil's despite?

Image by Eric Hotz

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