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At Keléstia Productions we are always looking for ways to reward our customers. Without your support, we couldn't continue to develop new material for HârnWorld and Kèthîra.

We also have a considerable amount of material that is under development, but not yet ready for publication; which we would however love to get comment and feedback on.

After quite some thought we think we have identified a way to meet both of these objectives. We are calling this Premium Content.

The way this works is simple: For any of our customers who has spent $100 or more on this website, we will make available a growing amount of 'pre-publication' material. This will be accessible from a Premium tab on the menu bar of this site. Needless to say this will only be viewable by those who have spent the necessary amount.

This material will be 'pre-publication' in that while quite some work will have gone into it, it won't be completely finalised, official or 'canon'. In fact, in many cases we will welcome feedback and comment from our customers, so that we can further improve the material before it is finalised and published.

We hope that people will find this Premium Content a welcome bonus, and we look forward to it enabling more engagement and interaction with our customers.


Jeremy Baker (aka Fastred)
Project Director

Puster's picture

Happy :-)

Well, call me a very happy customer :-)

Great idea!

Kara's picture

Great idea. Where would you

Great idea. Where would you prefer the feedback for individual articles?

Derfman's picture

Hoping this works as intended

My hunch is that the "Premium" idea will work well, but only time will tell.

Need to second the suggestion that comments on articles be directly to those articles, but happy with this first step regardless.

**Note**: We have enabled comments on individual Premium Content articles as suggested.

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Virtual Globe

I am super excited about this piece in particular...I'm just kind of a globe nut at heart. The download has the jpeg file of the flat world 2d view, but the .wrl file is not recognized by my computer and it has no idea how to open this file, and when I search for something to run it, I come up empty. How do we actually run this globe?

I have to say, considering almost all of my game money goes to Harn product here at Kelestia (I buy it when it comes out pretty much without fail), I think this nice little Premium thing is a nice customer feedback/reward kind of deal. I know it feels good to this particular customer, and certainly gives me a little glimpse of things that might be in the pipeline. I know every time a new release comes out I feel like a kid at Christmas. Keep up the great work.

Never mind...I suppose I could just read the instructions! :-)

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Commenting on individual articles

Thanks for the feedback. We had intended that people be able to comment on individual articles, but for some reason it wasn't working. It seems to be working now, and we'd like it if people could leave comments on each individual article.

Many thanks


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Hello, I am at 100 now. But I can imagine that there is a timelag for the update of the button. (For example one check and update a month.) Can you let me know if this is the case? Thanks in advance.

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Hi! Access to the Premium

Hi! Access to the Premium area is normally granted soon after you've reached the 100 $ threshold.

I've just checked your profile and you are definitely a Premium Member now. Please clear your browser's cache and your cookies. Then please log back in to your account. The "Premium" button should now appear to the right of the "Contact" button. If it still isn't there, please let us know.

derridean1's picture


Dear Jan,

Thanks, both as e-mail and a message on here. Thank you.
It works of course.

Thanks for a great service,


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