Tîrgólan War

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In Summa Venâriva (p110) and Venârivè (p18) there is a listing of the Second Tîrgólan War (to tr662).

However there is no mention of the First Tîrgólan War, just wondering when this was, where these took place, or more information on these?

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Check out page 6 of the

Check out page 6 of the Ledenheim Kingdom module if you have it.

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Cheers, yes I have all released books

I knew I'd spotted in somewhere, just couldn't remember which one it was in.

This would then make the First Tîrgólan War tr564-583/7 unless I'm mistaken?

Alex Greene
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Thanks, LazySerf, for doing the research on this.

Just confirming that the only chronology that mentions the First Tîrgólan War with that name is the one in the module Hârbáaler Kingdom of Lédenheim.

The Chronology (Lédenheim 10, p. 16) in that module lists the following:-

tr564 Joint conquest of Tîrgólis with Aneóla.
tr587 Tîrgólis falls to Aneóla.

The Chronology also lists this for the Second Tîrgólan War:-

tr660 Aneólan army enters Yârlihem.
tr662 Battle of Káthwy and end of Tîrgólan War.

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Confirmation thanks

Thanks Alex for the confirmation.
Sometimes you can read and reread something a gazillion times and miss something.

Sorting through a War and it's elements (Battle, sieges, etc.) can sometimes be apart of a war, yet others are separate, being the aftermath incident or a prelude that leads to a war ;)

I swear I'm going to join all my PDF's together so searching is easier.

Thanks again to both, spent 4 days trying to search through them all. Forgot to search Lédenheim. I certainly hope more of these smaller Kingdom modules are in the making as they're an awesome source of specific details.

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You can also find tidbits of

You can also find tidbits of information on the Tirgolan Wars in the Ledenheim - Clans and Folk under Halinon, Irlonar, and Kurthwy.

I also hope more Kingdom modules are being worked on.

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Ledenheim - Clans and Folk

Thanks LazySerf, that was my next step once I had my anti-dementia pill ;)

I am also hoping for more Kingdom Modules too.

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Shealladh, are you running a

Shealladh, are you running a campaign based in Ledenheim or Hurisea?

What kingdom module would you most like to see? If I had a choice, I'd like to see one on either Trierzon or the Azeryan Empire, but based on earlier posts (unless I misread them), it seems they'll be covered under the Venarive Alamanc series, which is a different beast than the kingdom modules. I also think the Grand Prinipality of Hacherdad would also be a good kingdom module - it may be easier to tackle as a kingdom module as it isn't as large as some of the kingdoms, empires, and leagues. It's also a very different setting than Ledenheim, Chelemby and Emelrene.

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