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I was attempting to order some products (Atlas Keléstia maps) and could never get the payment page to fully load. When selecting United States, the actual State selection never loaded, just spins. Also, the payment methods just show bars, attempting to load but never do.

I cannot upload a screenshot here so if I need to email it to someone I can. Just let me know. I am also gonna post it over that the Lythia Forums.


Can we get this looked into please. Thanks.

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We apologize for the

We apologize for the inconvenience. This is an issue related to our web server and we are currently working on solving it.

In the meantime, please try the following workaround:

1.) Enter your information into the form and choose the country as usual but leave the "Zone" field as is. Then click on the "Review order" button.

2.) This will bring up an error message but also correctly update the zone selection.

3.) Select your zone and then click on "Review order" again. Your order should continue to the next step.

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The problem is now fixed.

The problem is now fixed. Thank you for reporting the issue.

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