Poetic map of Emélrenè and surrounding regions

Emélrenè Poetic Map

We are pleased to be able to provide a 'poetic' map of Emélrenè and the surrounding regions, as drawn by the loremaster (rowánti) Fástred of Beréma. This free expansion complements the Kingdom of Emélrenè and Emélrenè Regional Map products.

Includes three versions of the map:

  • a single-layer PDF map with certain information not displayed, principally the names of 'special' and minor locations.
  • a multi-layer PDF map with all information available via PDF layers, including a grid overlay.
  • a single-layer map entirely in Lakíse and Eméla, the script and language of Emélrenè...
  • Download here: Poetic Map

    We hope that Gamemasters and players both find this a useful tool in playing in Emélrenè.

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    Not so obvious

    Nice map! It is not obvious that there is a zip archive accessed by clicking on the map.

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    Lakíse version of the map

    We have now added a third version of this map, which is entirely in Lakíse and Emélan, the script and language of the Eméla.

    It can be accessed in the download zip file, or directly here:


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