Astronomy of Kèthîra

The Celestial Realm, fully described

Keléstia Productions are pleased to announce the publication of Astronomy of Kèthîra.

This publication includes two major articles covering both the physical astronomy of the Kèthîran system, as well as the social and cultural aspects of Astrology across Kèthîra. The module also includes a Java-based computer program to enable the generation of star maps, charts, and full horoscopes.

To find out more about this publication, and to purchase it, click here.

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More details.

It's 48 pages, including the cover, and consists of two 20+ page articles, "Astronomy" and "Astrology", plus a Java program.

The Astronomy section starts with a description of the Nolomar system, and especially the differences between the Nolomar and Solar systems and the ramifications for science and mysticism. It then describes the methods and tools used by astronomers and how tables are constructed. Next are the impacts of astronomy on culture: calendars, mathematics, Nolomar-centrism, and a discussion of 'illiterate astronomy'. An illustrated section shows a variety of applications, such as calculating longitude and predicting eclipses and conjuctions. Comets, meteors, and navigation are discussed.

The Astrology section opens with a description of the role of astrology and astrologers in society. The Twelve Domains get a new treatment and are put into mythological context. Sunsigns are described and a new Moonsign system is presented. A Kethira-centric astrological system is presented that makes use of the computer program to generate suitably arcane horoscopes for use in a game. The system ties astrology to alchemy, medicine and philosophy in a coherent and consistent way.

Tables are provides of astrological and astronomical conjunctions, 'anti-dominia' - particularly auspicious times, moonsign and sunsigns, eclipses of all kinds (from tr1 to tr800), and more. Additional tables can be generated by the included program.

Sidebars provide additional insights into incorporating astrology into a campaign. The presentation is rules-neutral, but there are obvious connections to the HarnMaster system.

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