Atlas Keléstia - SHKN G5 (Yelâben), F5 (Trevéhedè) & E5 (Baas), revised

The coast of Géltheim, a castle in view.

Keléstia Productions are pleased to announce the publication of Atlas Keléstia issues #34, #35 and #36.

These issues describe map squares G5 (Yelâben), F5 (Trevéhedè) and E5 (Baas) on the Shôrkýnè regional map. The G5 area includes a large section of the western coast of the Hârbáaler kingdom of Géltheim, while F5 and E5 are in the Sea of Iváe immediately to the west. The waters here are much travelled by seafarers, both traders passing up and down the Hârbáaler coast as well as fishermen working the herring banks northwest of Chélemby.

To learn more about Atlas Keléstia SHKN-G5 and to make a purchase, go to:

To learn more about Atlas Keléstia SHKN-F5 and SHKN-E5 and to make a purchase, go to:

The Atlas Keléstia index can be viewed at:


These issues of Atlas Keléstia are available at a reduced priced if purchased as part of the Atlas Keléstia - Folio 1: Chélemby, Géltheim & Ánvâl.

These are a revised and updated versions of map squares originally included in the "Chélemby-Géltheim Folio" published in 2004. If you purchased that folio after September 2008, you are entitled to a free copy of this revised map and index; check the download section of your account profile.

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Mission complete

And this completes the rehash of the 8 Chelemby hexes. Now on to new shores :-)

The Atlas Kelestia map starts to show completed blops.

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Other blocks?

So you're perhaps encouraging us to work on SHKN-K4 and E8? Those squares would complete two more convenient blocks. K4 would be the last piece of Ledenhem-W. Hurisea block, and E8 finishes the central Shorkyne coast.

Actually, K4 is far enough along that it should be published this summer. E8 not so much.

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encouraging... (others to do work)

I would rather use the low-hanging fruits of K4 and I7, so that you have two 3*4 blocks - one of Ledenheim, the other of Chelemby and surroundings.

Apart from blocks covering regions, lines of work could be the coastline (E8, H9) or the stony backbone of Harbaal, with K2 (hint, hint) and K3 forming a cohesive stretch of alpine wilderness where coastline hexes can be attached.

Naturally the coastlines are imho the most useful for gamers and the hardest work to create - and will need some backup with kingdoms. Hurisea and Emelrene loom here at large, competing with Harbaal and Shorkyne for attention :-)

My "encouragment" would be to create K4, I7, K2, and K3 for "easy" gains on the map. From there on some obvious next steps would be G4 and E8. The four sea hexes of E3:F4 would then create a large chunk of sea, and H4 a major block of 5*7. Then there are only four chunks left on the southern coast of the bay of Shorkyne and another four to cover the whole coast - lots of work, but a major step towards complete coverage. May we expect these before 2017? ;-)

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Those squares would complete

Those squares would complete 2 additional convenient blocks. K4 would be the last piece of Ledenhem-W. Hurisea block, and E8 finishes the central Shorkyne coast.

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Voila, A Bundle

The bundle of eight squares including Chélemby, Géltheim and Ánvâl is now available,

The nine-square bundle of Lédenheum and Western Huriséa should be out later this summer.

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