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We are pleased to announce the 'relaunch' of Atlas Keléstia. Each issue will describe a piece of the world of Kèthîra, also known as HârnWorld, and includes a layered PDF map showing 625 square leagues of high-resolution vegetation and relief, with detailed geographical features, towns, castles, keeps, villages, shrines, mines, peaks and more. Notes and data are provided for every named location on the map.

The Atlas Keléstia index can be viewed here:

Our first issue is square SHKN-I4 (Galésa), which is located in central Hârbáal and includes a large portion of northern Lédenheim plus parts of Ávastran, Kétania, Tónanby and Gåtenlund.

To learn more about Atlas Keléstia SHKN-I4 and to make a purchase, go to:

Soon forthcoming in the second issue of Atlas Keléstia will be SHKN-J5 (Ôrgetkin).

To discuss Atlas Keléstia, see the new Atlas Keléstia forum section.

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The Old AK maps

Is there any possibility that the old maps will be redone in the new format. H5 and H6 are especially erroneous if you compare them to the new Shorkyne regional map. Many of the rivers do not match. I am happy to see more elevation markers on the new map. Otherwise I will be happy with almost any maps that are put out. Thank You.

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Yes. We are planning to revise the old ones. Unfortunately, though, the conversion from Robin's old Corel Draw files to the Illustrator files we're using now did not go well for the vector content, so the revision (particularly G6 and H6) is going to take some extra work. This is part of the reason that we are starting with some of the "easy" Lédenheim maps.

If there are errors on the old versions, or inconsistencies between them and the regional map, please write up a list and e-mail it to Jeremy.

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