Hârbáaler Kingdom of Lédenheim updated (v1.01)

To coincide with the release of Lédenheim Clans and Folk, we have made minor fixes and updates to the Hârbáaler Kingdom of Lédenheim module, which is now version 1.01.

This includes some clarification of aspects of the Bjârsen-Môrlok feud, some improvements to religious and military badges, and some minor typographical errors fixed.

If you have already purchased this module, please feel free to re-download it again.

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Hi, Jeremy. Ledenheim seems

Hi, Jeremy. Ledenheim seems to have dropped off of my downloads page. Would you take a look? No hurry . . . :-)

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Hi Jack

Its back in your download list now.



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Thanks, Jeremy! Hey, there's

Thanks, Jeremy!

Hey, there's an idea for a small freebie or even a money-maker. How about a chart similar to the Titles chart that covers basic phrases in the Venarive languages? Hello, thank you, your mother is ugly, I'll kill you, bacon rules, etc.

Like you don't have enough on your plate, right?

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