Great Clans of Emélrenè (Free Download)

Great Clans of Emélrenè

Emélrenè is the oldest feudal realm in Venârivè (Northwestern Lýthia). The kingdom’s noble houses can trace their ancestry back generations, and claim links to the founder of the realm.

Each noble clan also has links to the ‘Free Eméla’ or Émhlè, the Eméla who live a semi-nomadic lifestyle in the wildlands of the kingdom and beyond.

Great Clans of Emélrenè provides an introduction to these great clans, detailing the fiefs of the kingdom, outlining the tenants-in-chief, and lists all the holdings of the realm.

This publication is a free supplement to Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia.

A map of the fiefs of the kingdom is also provided:

Fiefs of Emélrenè

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Great product! Thanks for creating it.

I was a little surprised the King of Melderyn's daughter is married to a lowly baron, although first among the bunch.

It would be nice to clarify why some shires have sheriffs and others have constables. Or is it just that the sheriff is off living somewhere else and a constable runs the keep on a daily basis?

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All the shires have sheriffs

Each shire has a sheriff.

The constables noted for some of the shires are the constables of royal keeps within those shires, not alternatives to the sheriffs.

Hope this clarifies this issue.



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The marriage comes straight

The marriage comes straight from the original Melderyn kingdom module going way back. Rickar Hocht seems to have been quite the thing in the day! He does hold a castle, at least. ;)

Keith Mann
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Thanks for another great (and free!) product, Jeremy and team.

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Fantastic! Thanks for the tease and I'm looking forward to the full module.

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