Legend for Internal Maps

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In the downloads, there is a legend for the Atlas maps, if I remember correctly. In the recent products, I've been really impressed with the internal maps, especially in City of Kings, but I think it would be good to have a key for them - there isn't one in City of Kings, and I can't recall whether there is one in the other products (I confess, I haven't waded through them all).

Of course, I have legends for internal maps from older products. But wouldn't it make sense to have a legend to internal maps as a free download on the Kelestia site?

Or is there already a really good one in one of the products, and I've just forgotton where? If so, I'll just print it out, and use it as a general guide....

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Legend for internal maps

Is there a legend for the 'modern style' of internal maps available somewhere? If not, I think it would make a great download...

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