Product File Updates (November 2009)

Today we have updated the download files for two products:

  • HârnMaster Gold: Shèk-Pvâr - minor edits, fixes to some spells
  • Chélemby: City of the Sea Kings - minor edits

If you have already purchased these products, you should be able to re-download them from the "Files" section of your account.

If you have purchased HMG: Shèk-Pvâr in the past, but you don't currently have a download link for this file, then please contact me (, and I will arrange for a new link to be issued to you.

List of changes to HMG: Shèk-Pvâr

The following have been fixed in HMG: Shèk-Pvâr:

  • Sináin and Kúzhai have been corrected throughout;
  • the Range and Duration data for "Cloak of Zhatran" (Pèleáhn 14) have been fixed;
  • the Range and Duration data for "Recollections of Áliunè" (Sàvôrya 10) have been fixed;
  • the Fatigue data for "Arrow of Utêrn" (Sàvôrya 12) has been fixed; and
  • the Fatigue, Time, Range and Duration data for "Grasp of Chésmè" (Grey 9) have been fixed.

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