Product File Updates (September 2009)

In conjunction with the release of Chélemby - City of the Sea Kings, we have updated a number of Keléstia Productions products with new download files.

Most of these address minor issues, but most also involve a correction to the name of the elder folk - elves and dwarves. Previous publications have used inaccurate terms for these. The correct term for Kèthîran elves is Sinái (singular and plural; the adjective is Sináin). The correct term for Kèthîran dwarves is Kúzhai (singular and plural; the adjective is Kúzhan).

The major change is an updated map for Chélemby Interactive, which has improved historical layers, and is of a higher resolution.

The following files have been updated:

  • Chelemby Interactive - Map and Guide
  • Kingdom of Chélemby
  • Evánekin
  • Kèthîra 2.0
  • HârnMaster Gold: Players' Edition
  • HârnMaster Gold: GMs' Edition
  • HârnMaster Gold: Bestiary

An update to HârnMaster Gold: Shèk-Pvâr will be available shortly - we are checking a number of the spells.

If you have already purchased these files, you should be able to download them from the Files section of "My Account". If you no longer have the download links for these files, please contact us ( to arrange for a new download link to be provided for each of these files.

talkitron's picture

Less Tolkien?

Is this an attempt to make Harnworld seem less like Tolkien's Middle Earth?

Marduk23's picture

Less assumptions... :-)

Kethira is unlike Middle-Earth in several ways. I strongly suspect that this is simply reminding people of what Elves/Dwarves are called in Harnic. The only real part of the world that had any Middle-earth influences was the Elf/Dwarf connection - this (overdue) correction just further separates the two worlds... one shouldn't be comparing the two in any case. Kethira isn't Midgaad after all. lol

Neil's picture

There is also the rather

There is also the rather litigious nature of Tolkein Enterprises to consider. This is very sensible.


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