Lost Gods: Libram of the Nushenic Pantheon

Price: $5.00

By N. Robin Crossby et al
PDF document
32 pages (illustrated)

Concerning the six times three deities of Núsha on Shérem-Prime, and how the Gods of Hârn came to be.

Long before Kèthîra came into being, there was a little out of the way world called Shérem-Prime. People would go there and explore. Inevitably, they became entangled in its kingdoms and politics, its magic and beasts and its gods and religions. This is the story of those gods and religions.

First Created in 1978, this is the original religious background for Robin's original Shérem-Prime. It has no real bearing on Hârn (and is labelled 'Heresy'), but anyone interested in metaphysics, religion, or world design, this is fascinating reading.

Now you can see where the Gods of Hârn came from.

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