Kingdom of Lédenheim

We are very pleased to announce that Keléstia Productions' latest product Kingdom of Lédenheim is now available for purchase here.

A preview of the product is also available here.

Happy Gaming.

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While the team gave every indication that the line would continue, to actually see a product released is a very happy moment. I never met Robin, but his creations have been a source of inspiration and pleasure to me for many years. I think the continuing expansion and enjoyment of his life's work is one of the highest tributes that we can pay to his memory.

Thank you, Robin. I hope you're enjoying your travels through the "misty isle" and points beyond . . .


Old style heraldry: Sable, the pale argent.

New style heraldry: Oreo, resting on edge.

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Hi Jack Thanks. We hope you

Hi Jack

Thanks. We hope you enjoy Lédenheim.



Fástred na Beréma,
Rowánti na Sávè-k’nôr

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Most Excellent - Must buy this payday...

So you're shifting back to the Ivinia Region again.
Must dust off the old Ivinia Regional Module and the Kingdom of Mengalana (-2sp)and see how they intergrate.

Or is this more associated with the Chelemby line?

The Ancient One has returned !!!
...and is employed again, no less.

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From the viewpoint of…

From the viewpoint of "What else can I use this with?", Ledenheim is probably better in conjunction with Chelemby. The distance is only 50 leagues or so, whilst it's more like 200 between Ledenheim and Ivinia.

There are, however, many Ivinian connections made in Ledenheim. The most usable from a GM standpoint may be the potential conflict with the Jarenmarker clan Pelstrom in Hurisea. That's based on material buried in the Shorkyne regional module and not on anything mentioned in the Ivinia regional module.

Otherwise, there are some loose links between a few Ledener clans and some clans named in Ivinia. I don't see an obvious way to work these into an adventure unless a PC or NPC happens to be a member of one of those clans and you want to GM a sea voyage.

There is loads more unpublished Ledenheim info available. If you GM an adventure heading that direction, contact me directly and I'll provide an assist.

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