Product Update - 10 April 2008

Several people have asked for an update progress on Kélestia Productions products.

While I can't give precise dates as to when things will be published, I can share with you all that two publications are very near to completion.

The first is the long-awaited Chélemby City module, which will provide, I think, the most detailed description of any urban centre on Kèthîra yet published. These things always seem to take a lot longer than we expect; but that is because we hold ourselves to a pretty high standard.

The second is a module covering the Kingdom of Lédenheim; one of the sub-kingdoms of Hârbáal. This will give GMs and players the opportunity to explore beyond Chélemby into Hârbáal and towards the wild lands of the principalities of Huriséa.

Work is continuing apace on the mega-regional module of Venârivè. We think this is a very important module, because it will give people an insight into the major cultures that have spread their influence all across northwestern Lýthia; particularly the Àzeryáni, the Tríerzi and the Karéjians. Even if your players never leave Hârn, these cultures have influenced the world they live in; and if you do wish to travel beyond Hârn, then Venârivè will be the key social, cultural and political guide for that exploration.

This is just a sample of the work in progress at Kélestia Productions. Our team is working hard, despite Robin's ill health, and will hope to be able to delight and surprise you very soon.

Regards and best wishes

Project Director

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Thanks for the update

Hi Jeremy,

Nice to have something to whet the appetite. Looking forward to seeing these new modules.


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Product Update

Sounds great. Venarive? Thats a pleasant surprise. I am eagerly awaiting their arrival...


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Not to sound rude, and I appreciate the high level of detail and general standards that Harn has always mantained, but is there any updates that we can get concerning when a pdf for Venârivè might become available?

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The text and map are largely completed. The key issue (as always) will be illustrations....

I know its frustrating (not just for you...)

We are working as hard and as fast as we can.


Fástred na Beréma,
Rówanti na Sávè-k’nôr

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