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I was recently asked what skills a Lady PC should have. As the oocupation is not listed in the HMG occupation tables, I offer my response below. It also occurs to me that are of course other occupations that folks can think of that aren't listed on the tables in question. I invite folks to present occupations and starting OML values here.

Riding 1/3
Musician 2/3
Intrigue 4/5
Rhetoric 4/5
Singing 3/4
Dancing 4/5
Drawing 3/4
Mathematics 1/2
Lovecraft 1/2
Script (SB+70)
Drawing 2/3
Heraldry 2/3
Textilecraft 4/5

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Well I'm currently pondering

Well I'm currently pondering a retrofitting of the entire Kelestia universe to make it a little more zesty.

This alternate version will have women mainly as Shek-Pvar, sort of like Aes Sedai from the Robert Jordan "Wheel of Time" novels. The mechanics of magic will incorporate the need for "Vis" like Ars Magica. When most men try to use "Vis" while spellcasting they go insane, but for some reason women have no problems combining "Vis" and spells. It's like men are tainted and when the "Vis" interacts with a mans spirit things go haywire.

The setting will still be low magic, but it allows for some intresting opportunities for the female gender. A world a little less chauvinistic towards women.

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Sounds interesting

Sounds interesting Brimstone, but this thread isn't about women's roles in society, it's about occupational skill sets for occupations that don't appear in the HarnMaster Gold tables.

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The trouble is...

...In historical (Terran) terms there are very few occupations for women. In many/most cultures they were little(?) more than chattle. But Harn has been created with a more modern/open mindset.

...And what does this have to do with skill sets...

While masculine skill sets are (fairly) well developed, female skill sets are not. This come from a) A mostly male RPG demographic and b) Historical prejudice against women.

Therefore most of your new skill sets will (probably) have to deal with women being included in the society and there adaptations to the (mostly) male power structure.
(And a new rational for the Church of Halea is born)

Thus we will be presenting choices/vocations not available to women of the middle ages and also creating an "artificial" reality. (Ok, ok... it is a RPG after all, but a world very much based on a understanding of the "real" Terran middle ages.) I personally enjoy the "new-found" freedoms of the fairer sex but it does skew our view of the historical (Terran) middle age.

Ruminations from The Ancient One...
...The man who WOULD NOT be king.

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Great post. Perhaps

Great post.

Perhaps something along the lines of a Liaison Officer for women in the Church of Larani or Halea? Since they go out into the field, they might recieve some training besides courtly skills.

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OK, so let's post some skill

OK, so let's post some skill sets. :)

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First, I’d agree, generally with your ‘LADY’ skill set. There are a couple of skills I’d suggest that you add. Perhaps some of these should be optional (ie bought with option points at an improved level).

Agriculture 1/2 – this is (IMO) an essential skill for ladies who in effect run the manorial household. I think the skill should be common to all noble ladies (at least at the 'manor' level) Baronesses & countesses are probably to far romoved from this. Also, most rural wives should get the same skill,(with a specialisation of dairy produce)). It should also (IMO) be given to (male) bailiffs and landholding knights.

Shortbow OML/OML+SB (Ladies took part in the hunt)

(Animalcraft) Falconry and (Animalcraft) Dogcraft should also be considered for the same reason.


- "Pardon me for living, I'm sure."

-- (Terry Pratchett, Mort)

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.. and women

Ancient One

There have been many threads about womens roles on Hârn on the HârnForum. The two main arguments in favour of ‘strong’ female characters are;

It is very easy to find ‘exceptional’ women in history. There are several instances of noble ladies organising the defence of their husbands castles while the husband was away. Medieval merchants wives often ran the shop while their husbands were away trading. Medieval peasant women earned money making dairy produce, spinning and weaving. Having said that, many were little more than chattel.

Hârn is a fantasy world, the principal religions (can you have more than one principal – probably not – sorry) on much of Hârn are those of Larani and Peoni – a warrior goddess and a nurturing mother. The femininity of these religions may have resulted in marked social differences on Hârn. Add to this Halea (a sexually active merchant goddess!) and you have an interesting series of possibilities. Incidentally, anyone looking at Halea MUST (IMO) read Ilkka Leskela’s excellent discussion on the goddess.


- "Pardon me for living, I'm sure."

-- (Terry Pratchett, Mort)

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