Paciphibian World View

Kethîra Atlas Prototype cover. I've been wanting to do a cover with turtles and elephants and whatnot for many years now, but for some reason I've never understood, they seem to invite dissent, hostility or ridicule. This one was fun because it mixes the classical critters with a distinctly non-classical spherical world that makes you wonder about the ice at the south pole and the freezing point of turtle shells.

Image: Bisiallion, Crossby, Schmunk

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I think 'pan-galactic' might be a bit too extreme a term... I don't see how you can go bigger than 'solar-systemic'... hmmm... since it's a diskcentric or globecentric system, I suppose it's actually "pre-gallillaic-globecentric-systemic". So... er...

I just realised there's no 'sun' orbiting the sphere on a tropical-planar orbit. I expect the lighting could get a bit tricky.

It's nice that *someone* is talking about *something* :)

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Pan-Galactic Elephants

Agreed, Pan-Galactic is a term that should only ever be applied to Gargle-Blasters.

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Ah so...

Righto.... Discworld here we come... :)

Alsínon must fall!

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Disk Free Zone

Hey, the idea goes back a very long way and I first drew something like this up long before I ever heard of Pratchett :)

Anyway... see it's not a disk unless you're standing on it.

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Turtle shells? what's the

Turtle shells? what's the freezing point of an elephant's forehead?

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Freezing point of magical pan-galactic-sized elephant's forehead

Of a magical pan-galactic-sized elephant's forehead? Who knows....

Alsínon must fall!

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