Evánekin d20 Support Module

A supplementary module detailing Evánekin for the d20 system.

Evánekin d20 provides a town statblock for the castle and port, fully detailed NPCs who are prominent in the town. It also lists local rumours and folklore for Gather Information checks, lists all craftsmen and services available in the town with detailed classes, alignments, skill levels, prices, and more.

With this supplement, you can adapt your d20 campaign to the world of Hârn - a magic-rare, highly detailed campaign setting, or provide a detailed locale that can be seamlessly added to any campaign world you use.

Evánekin can be used as a standalone location for free, or combined with the PDF product Evánekin by Kelestia Productions, it can provide a living, breathing settlement for any DM, with maps, omens, bardic lore, heraldic displays, NPC portraits, and more."

Evánekin d20 is free.

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