Kingdom of Chélemby Preview

Preview (sample pages) from the Kingdom of Chélemby module
PDF; 4 pages, full colour, illustrated

The full product is available for purchase here.

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At seventy pages there is clearly much more material here than the 1991 Shorkyne publication. Is that info over-ruled, revamped and repeated or what?



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Greatly expanded

Kingdom of Chelemby is a greatly expanded version of the Chelemby article that was in the Shorkyne Regional Module. There are chunks that you will recognize, but a lot more that you won't. I'd venture to say that 80% of the material is new.

Nothing was "over-ruled" that I am aware of. There may be some material that was "clarified" because something in the original Chelemby article or the Shorkyne Index was contradictory or vague.

(There are a number of contradictions, inconsistencies, etc., in the Shorkyne Index, but none affecting Chelemby that I can think of.)

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