How do I use your multi-layered PDF maps?

Quite a number of Kelestia Productions products (such as the Harn Regional Interactive map, and the Chelemby Interactive map) include "layered" PDF files, which allow the user to select which layers they wish to display.

A few customers have asked how this function works. Read on to find out more.

Using Layers

In most cases, when each of these files is opened, a given selection of layers is pre-set to display. However, users can select which combination of layers they wish to display, so that, for instance, a GM can produce their own "player" maps without some key information showing.

This functionality is accessed via the "layers" panel in Adobe Acrobat 7 or higher. This is located down the left-hand side of Adobe Acrobat, and can be accessed via the "stack" symbol.

Once the Layers panel is open, users can select which layers are shown by selecting "on" and "off" the "eye" symbols next to each layer.

Attached is an image of the Harn Interactive PDF map with the Layers panel open, which we hope will help users access the function:

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Interactive map is easy to use, but the file is quite large and unwieldy, especially on a portable device like a tablet, which really can't handle it. So I thought to export a high-resolution image from the interactive map, but there doesn't seem to be any way to do this using the tools I have available (Adobe Reader, Adobe Photoshop Pro, Adobe Acrobat Pro). The closest I could manage is to import the Map into Photoshop, then output it. Which works, but I can't add the layers I want (I'd like to have the hex map overlay it, as well as other versions with tribes, cults, etc...). Any suggestions on how I can accomplish such?

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