HârnCon 2011 - Wellington, New Zealand

HârnCon 2011

This weekend, Friday 21 to Sunday 23 January 2011, HârnCon 2011 is being held in Wellington, New Zealand. HârnCon is being held in conjunction with KapCon (Kapital Convention), the largest RPG convention in New Zealand, now it its 20th year.

Attached is the handout and schedule for HârnCon 2011, which includes an excellent range of games from Gamemasters around the world.

HarnCon2011_Handout.pdf2.52 MB
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fun stuff

fun stuff

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It went very well...

HârnCon 2011 in Wellington went very well.

Many thanks to all those who travelled so far to make it such a great weekend.

It was also an excellent event in that eight new people were introduced to Hârn as 'guest' players from KapCon, the Wellington Kapital Convention.

Hopefully a few of them will become Hârniacs...!



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HarnCon Wellington

HarnCon was a great weekend, it was my first HarnCon and it was fantastic to meet fellow harniacs whom I have only interacted with online.

I think mixing in with KapCon worked really well, we had a few walk-ins to a few games and I think quite a few of the local RPGers are now aware that Harn exists.

All the games I played in were all a heap of fun, but it was equally fun to hang out with everyone chatting about all things harn (and other stuff) and enjoy Wellington's wide selection of food.

I wish to offer my personal thanks to Jeremy who was a fantastic host and everyone else who made it such an enjoyable weekend.

I would also like to thank Jeremy and Kelestia Productions for their gifts, We all received very nice glossy printed copies of both the Cheler and Venarive player guides.

Thanks again


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