Trade Routes of the Émel Gálani

Émel GalaniThe Émel Gálani (Middle Straits) are the waters between the isle of Hârn and the Lýthian mainland. At their narrowest point, they are just 12 and 1/2 leagues across.

Numerous ships ply the routes through the straits, many connecting the port of Chèrafîr on the Hârnic isle of Mèlderýn to those on the mainland. Others pass between the coastal ports of Álagon, Emélrenè and Palíthanè, and beyond to locations farther north and south.

The renowned loremaster Fástred of Beréma has produced numerous charts used by the wealthier pilots and ship captains of the region.

Two versions of Master Fástred's charts are provided here: an ordinary or mundane version, which shows a selection of trade routes all at once, and a much more rare example which shows only those routes that the owner wishes to view at any given time. Only a very few of this second, magically endowed chart are in use.

Two PDF files are provided:

  • a simple PDF document, showing all the trade routes identified by the loremaster Fástred (emel_galani_f.pdf)
  • a multi-layered PDF document, which mimics the more rare document which can display a variable number of routes (emel_galan_m.pdf)

For assistance on how to use the multi-layered PDF, see

emel_galani_f.pdf361.97 KB
emel_galani_m.pdf386.77 KB
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Local trade and Haltinan

Nice resource, thanks!
I will surely hand one out once my current group reaches the sea and learns of naval trade.

Nurisel and Karveth do not draw long range traffic? I assume both the Melderyni as the Ports of Emelrene will have local port-hoppers who simply do not show up here.

It also seems that Haltinan plays a major part as a stopover for long distance travel between Melderyn and Harbaal/Chelemby. With the map already published, it imho cries out for a small local module on the trading post in the archipel. Any plans? Perhaps in conjunction with your rumoured maritime module?

Hopefully :-)

rbs's picture

Some routes

Fástred omitted some routes chiefly due to clutter, esp. some shorter ones. I'd expect the bulk of the trade to Nurisel or Karveth is via Cherafir and so not particularly long range.

If I were GM-ing I would personally treat Hâltinan as more of a navigational point than a trading stop. But yes, the AK issue does describe some trading happening there, esp. of information. If you'd like to write up a local module, we'll see if we can scare up an artist and a cartographer. :)

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Mark of Savoryan hands...

My players threw me a loop and decided to winter in Cherafir and Ikoshire, taking ship in spring to make their rendezvous at the Kald Estuary. (I had anticipated that they would winter in Burzyn or Lerenil) This couldn't be a more welcome publication, and it comes as a telling mirror (of my players' tale at the kitchen table) that whispers of how if Harn is to live and grow, it must become the whole flesh of Kelestia.

TL;DR: a useful piece of paper for connecting Cherafir (the hub of access to Harn) to Chelemby (the hub of access to all things on the Shokyne map)

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