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  • Atlas Keléstia - SHKN M2 (Hlen)   1 year 46 weeks ago

    Thank you for this map.

    Up in the attic behind the old cupboard is standing a chest. There I found my Curse Of Hlen modul. a good adventure which I played as a GM twice and would play it third time.
    Hlen in this modul was just a 8 page article(*Oh sorry didn't ment to ...)
    I will now retutn to reread Curse Of Hlen.
    (Remember the spelllist of Iskara;-))

  • Atlas Keléstia - SHKN M2 (Hlen)   1 year 46 weeks ago

    This was a tricky one, trying to correlate all the info from Curse of Hlen plus the pertinent entries in the Shorkyne index and some text in Venarive, and then make sure that it all made some sort of sense. We almost made some huge mistakes before Jeremy noticed some critical details in the finer print of Curse.

  • Atlas Keléstia - SHKN M2 (Hlen)   1 year 46 weeks ago

    Curse of Hlen. Time to dig out the old module and ponder about games some 20 years ago :-)

    I found that the setting of Yashain could actually work, but needed a LOT of work to fit. Actually I liked the "mundane" part of it most. Lets see how it looks on a map...

  • I would more likely purchase an Atlas Keléstia map square if it were set in:   1 year 47 weeks ago

    I'm particularly hot on the Hurisea maps that have come out lately because that just happens to be part of the world I want to explore at the moment. There's just so much more of the world to see and develop!

  • I would more likely purchase an Atlas Keléstia map square if it were set in:   1 year 47 weeks ago

    I voted for "I'll buy them all", but my preference would be the coasts of the Sea of Ivae first, then selected inland areas (Ivinia is pretty high on my list here) and expanding the coast towards Trierzon and the Venarian Sea. Most will travel by sea first, and following the long range trade with the maps is a good way to venture...

    I am not so keen on Hârn proper, mainly because there is so much else that is totally unexplored but also to avoid heating up the cold conflict between the two companies that produce stuff. Any energy going there will not be available for creative constructive work.

  • I would more likely purchase an Atlas Keléstia map square if it were set in:   1 year 47 weeks ago

    But if I have to choose I would prefer maps of Hârn first.
    And next the maps of Emérenè...

    BTW You are doing a great job...

    Thank you - Danke schön - Merci beaucoup

  • I would more likely purchase an Atlas Keléstia map square if it were set in:   1 year 47 weeks ago

    Well, I would say you need to enjoy what you make so Ivinia would work for me. However, I would really like to see the Ivinia and Trierzon maps done up like the Shorkyne Regional Map.

  • I would more likely purchase an Atlas Keléstia map square if it were set in:   1 year 47 weeks ago

    I'm the one in charge of producing the squares but my own vote was for Ivinia because if I was GMing, I'm thinking I'd run a pilgrimage to Mt. Ilbengaad. I might need the coast of Harbaal though for the voyage there.

    But we really do want to sound out what people would find useful and would pay for.

  • I would more likely purchase an Atlas Keléstia map square if it were set in:   1 year 47 weeks ago

    I will buy all of them, as they all expand the game world. With that being said I would love to some for Harn itself. Also a update of the Harn Regional map to include mines and more interesting wildlife like the Shorkyne map would be cool as well.

  • Captain Márden's Tale - discussion   1 year 47 weeks ago

    Currently the 8th item down the first page.

  • Captain Márden's Tale - discussion   1 year 47 weeks ago

    Is the PDF still available? If so, where would I find it?


  • AK wish list   1 year 47 weeks ago

    Cyrion, You're thinking of Hlejis. That location, unfortunately, is on the edge of two Atlas map squares. It's on SHKN K2 very very close to SHKN L2. So to do it justice and make it useful for GMs, both squares would need to be published.

  • AK wish list   1 year 47 weeks ago


    Somewhere in Hurisea is a gârgun cave. I've forgotten where it is. Somewhere in the mountains.

    I like to add this part to my wishlist.

    Even if i don't have a campaign on Kelesstia in the moment I like to start a new one when we finished our visit on "Golarion" in the "Legacy of Fire" and return home to Kaldor and adventure in Chelemby and Hurisea

    Thank you

  • Atlas Keléstia - Open Sea   1 year 47 weeks ago

    Thank you ;-))

  • Quarph and Quarphor   1 year 48 weeks ago

    To my knowledge there are no canon answers yet to these questions, so you have considerable leeway. But I'll register my own opinions, thus validating my own perception of my intellectual worth. ;-)

    Venarive says of Kvarfent "The inhabitants of this region speak the western dialect of Quarphic, barely distinguishable from Hurisean." The Hykede could not be much more divergent than that. (Personally, I think Venarive was altogether too conservative regarding languages and dialects. I think London has more languages than Lythia.)

    Western Quarphor is somewhat dryer than Harn, and the region gets dryer as you move east. The west is wet and mild enough for most of our familiar crops to grow without irrigation. East of about Orlet, you should lose the more fragile, fleshy crops, but you should still see root crops, orchard crops and grains. East of Vaben, you will probably see just grains and dry-adapted crops, unless irrigated. Also, although the weather overall is mild, as you go east the diurnal variation will increase, so crops have to be freeze resistant.

    By "wild rice" I assume you mean the rice-like plant that you find in swampy areas, as opposed to "the wild antecedants of cultivated rice". There is an Asian species of the former, so the pedants who interpret the "tuber ban" to mean that all New World crops are absent cannot object to wild rice.

    Metrics for seasonal abundance? I don't think so. There are notes regarding the general "value" of fishing, but I haven't seen anything on seasonal runs. I'm not sure how much it matters in regards to calories, since fish can be smoked. To me what is interesting is the effect on the social structure. Thousands of people converge on such sites for a short time each year, and the sites had their own social conventions to manage this. And it wasn't just fish, but mines were also exploited seasonally by tribal peoples. These sorts of places deserve more attention, in my opinion.

  • Venarive map   1 year 49 weeks ago

    The map requested is now available here:

  • Venarive map   1 year 50 weeks ago

    klhaviation - something like this is in the works :)

    Regards Jeremy

  • AK wish list   1 year 51 weeks ago

    Just wanted to compliment on the recent Harbaal/Hurisea squares that I recently scored. They look great and have great bits of information in them.


  • The Shorkyni Parliament   2 years 1 day ago

    Your analysis is one reason the "235" figure wasn't repeated in Venârivè - its is clear that while there are 235 'èsuâren', there are by no means that many èsuâri.

    Thanks for the listing - i'm sure people will find it useful.

    Fastred. Fē

  • The Shorkyni Parliament   2 years 1 week ago

    His Majesty, Tarpel Gerlens al Dalame al Shorkyne; Telkor al Tharia; Malnir al Quareld, Kemol, and Montivel; Esuar al Quarelin, Anbrath, Bolede, Chegote, Chires, Kerola, Magratea, Medana, Misena, Montevel, Regona, Siden, Xeota, and Zhelet (14 direct votes and 8 vassal votes)

    His Highness, Telkor Rumath al Pelanby al Alagon; Malnir al Meloda, Bodoe, and Pelodia; Esuar al Eshapel, Areshones, Bodara, Chansa, Chardel, Felkenby, Hamedar, Hesen, Imedeles, Jeloen, Karemus, Karthan, Lutana, Mekrelyn, Meshare, Midoris, Noraby, Seberon, Turen, Vankedon (20 direct votes and 25 vassal votes)

    His Highness, Telkor Kordus al Tabin al Ensel; Malnir al Kitalin, Hidel, Istebina, and Nistone; Esuar al Enselet, Anurn, Delenes, Filsan, Gaveshones, Gilend, Harbraen, Heparon, Hiliro, Jandor, Kecharin, Lacheryn, Lesaren, Nure, Odirun, Parnith, Quarena, Rigenos, Tivara, Vandis, Wyra (21 direct votes and 22 vassal votes) (and 3 forts)

    Her Highness, Telkora Estir al Medaro al Vadone; Malnira al Vadone and Elavona; Esuara al Vadone, Atoxis, Abeshres, Balaire, Chesomes, Feshimes, Girelet, Karme, Logines, Nevare, Rushe, Sisom, Tulon, and Zhentimes (14 direct votes and 10 vassal votes)

    Her Highness, Telkora Siren al Bideles al Kolare; Malnira al Kolare and Chomu; Esuara al Kolare, Berech, Greneth, Hegynes, Hidesi, Kesino, Neln, Penina, and Teleged (9 direct votes and 6 vassal votes)

    The Most Reverend Gatun al Isara, Lirrath al Shorkyne; Serekela al Netela; Malnir al Netela; Esuar al Netela and Sedyn (2 direct votes)

    His Excellency, Malnir Amin al Gavarines al Aneola; Esuar al Eslon, Bekela, Gedeli, Mirate, and Montelea (5 direct votes and 6 vassal votes) (and 1 fort)

    His Excellency, Malnir Aba al Misyr al Avan; Esuar al Telekur, Bedel, Chiden, Debelin, Kothume, and Shomes (6 direct votes and 3 vassal votes)

    His Excellency, Malnir Anfla al Dasendis al Dumala; Esuar al Turesgal, Isheres, Poledin, and Teselus (4 direct votes and 4 vassal votes)

    His Excellency, Malnir Ganis al Gorlume al Falimae; Esuar al Chures, Cerole, Dilvain, Fedonele, and Kamolin (5 direct votes and 1 vassal vote)

    His Excellency, Malnir Emane al Hethara al Loala; Esuar al Holegore, Andrin, Geleo, Ostelones, Sonise, and Vesteth (6 direct votes and 2 vassal votes) (and 1 guildtown)

    His Excellency, Malnir Tenesal al Suredara al Malpynia; Esuar al Eilyria, Balok, Norlay, and Sagora (4 direct votes and 5 vassal votes)

    His Excellency, Malnir Medal al Odalin al Pilatha; Esuar al Thanrin, Kovis, and Lesyn (3 direct votes and 7 vassal votes)

    Her Excellency, Malnira Bryna al Telthael al Sabinia; Esaura al Sabin, Ciduri, Delge, Hireshe, Horote, Mernal, and Pusinis (7 direct votes and 3 vassal votes) (and 2 forts)

    His Excellency, Malnir Calam al Valdinoren al Shaplane; Esuar al Antiome, Asharyn, Beson, Haidigen, Hegelia, Jirone, and Wedel (7 direct votes and 6 vassal votes)


    Note that the 6 forts and 1 guildtown (Trepura) are not esuaren, so the totals are 15 malniri (holding 127 direct votes) and 108 esuari.

  • AK wish list   2 years 2 weeks ago

    Hey, quality takes time! And you've been filling out Shorkyne in the interim - how can I complain about that? :-D

    (I didn't even know there was a Grid Square Names layer...)

  • AK wish list   2 years 2 weeks ago

    Jack, Check your copy of the Shorkyne Regional Map. Any square on that map which is _not_ named on the 'Grid Square Names' layer, you can 99% expect that KP will not publish a square with any troublesome tiny islands or underwater features. (Makes you wonder, though, what KP will do with SHKN I7 :)

    And our apologies for taking a year or so after you first posted asking about square SHKN K6 before it was published. Part of the delay was working out where _all_ of the Hurisean smallholds were located.

  • AK wish list   2 years 2 weeks ago

    On the main Atlas Kelestia page, would it be possible to put a red X or similar mark in each of the map squares that are purely water? That would help me visualize where the islands, reefs, whirlpools, and so on are hiding...

    And I'm thrilled to see the beginnings of Hurisea!

  • Mid-Year Updates   2 years 2 weeks ago

    Thank you for the updates

  • Mid-Year Updates   2 years 3 weeks ago

    Thanks! And for those of you in GB - you guys have put on quite a show!

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