Karéjia - the City-States of the Venârian Sea

We are pleased to announce our first publication of 2019- Karéjia - the City-States of the Venârian Sea.

Continuing our Venârivè Almanac series, this module describes the heart of Venârivè - the islands of the Karéjian Archipelago and the lands of the eastern seaboard which are part of the Karéjian League.

The region includes cities as diverse as Livélis, Phanósia, Shélon, Ájygàl, and Gílech and a total of over 200 city-states, with massive trading fleets (larún) and bustling markets where goods from across Lýthia can be found.

Political intrigue is rife within and amongst these city-states, as well as with neighbouring realms - Dalkésh, Ázeryàn, and Hácherdad. There are uncounted opportunities for adventurers, traders and would be politicians to thrive - or fall.

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Thónia - the End of the World

We are pleased to announce our second publication of 2018 - Thónia - the End of the World.

Continuing our Venârivè Almanac series, this module describes the most remote, isolated and mountainous region of all of Lýthia - the veritable 'End of the World'. Thónia is also the 'end of the world' in another sense - it suffered dramatically from the effects of the Red Death, to the extent that all the civilised states in the region collapsed, and have yet to recover.

Thónia is thus a region of wild peoples, who nevertheless have an ancient and storied past. They struggle under pressure from the natural environment, and the impact of slaving and competition from new Faláni colonies.

It’s a place ripe for adventure and exploration...

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Sánthrada - Eastern Lýthia Map and Index

Welcome to our first publication of 2018 - and this one is an exciting one. We have the first of two products which will detail the vast region of Eastern Lýthia, known by the local cousins of the Sínai as "Sánthrada".

This map and accompanying index covers the whole of Lýthia east of the Gulf of Mafán. This vast region covers many different climatic zones and is the home of many realms - including Diramóa, Lýthia's most populous realm. Other key states in Eastern Lýthia are Molkûra, the continent's most ancient realm; Shóju, aggressive island imperialists; Káneum, a realm dominated by the descendants of nomadic Khans; and eastern Mafán, with many diverse realms.

This first publication includes two PDF maps (multi and single layer), and a 14-page index of the locations noted on the maps. A full module covering the whole regions will follow.

For further details, and to purchase, see:

Atlas Keléstia - SHKN J1 (Gósheim)

Will all great Njéhu's ocean wash away this blood?

Keléstia Productions are pleased to announce the publication of Atlas Keléstia #45.

This issue describes map square J1 (Gósheim) on the Shôrkýnè regional map, in northernmost Hârbáal. The square is a mix of land and sea and includes all or parts of three thranáals in three Hârbáaler kingdoms: Elgósia, Sáliom and Gávrios. The Islands of Elgósia are separated from the mainland by the heavily trafficked waters of Elgós Pass, while Sútel Pass to the north divides Hârbáal from the Ivínian realm of Lókemheim.

To learn more about Atlas Keléstia SHKN-J1 and to make a purchase, go to:

To learn more about Atlas Keléstia and to view a map of the published issues, see A list of issues in order of publication date is available at

Atlas Keléstia Discount Bundles

With Atlas Keléstia having reached issue #44, it has become a bit awkward for new purchasers who want to catch up. Clicking on 8 or 12 product links and then making sure you didn't accidentally order one twice is a pain. And when one is ordering that many issues, wouldn't a discount be nice?

With that in mind, Keléstia Productions are offering the discount bundles of Atlas Keléstia issues listed below. The first two are for geographically contiguous issues, very useful for those of you interested in particular areas. The other three collect all the issues published in a particular calendar year. Discounted pricing on these bundles ranges from 12% to 15%.

If you have already purchased numerous issues of Atlas Keléstia and are having trouble figuring out which issues you might be missing, please feel free to ask. E-mail service-at-shekpvar-dot-org and we'll look it up for you.

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