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Tuvâra - The Great Southern Savannah

Upon a sea of grass...

Keléstia Productions are pleased to announce the publication of our second Venârivè Almanac product: Tuvâra - the Great Southern Savannah.

The lush savannahs between the Venârian Sea and the Anzelôrian Rainforest are home to some of Kèthîra's most remarkable fauna. They are also home to the Tuvâra - a race that combines nobility and savagery in equal measure. Gold and ivory lure many an adventurer here, as well as rumors of ancient ruins and hidden cities. But the hazards are as great as the rewards. Some will find a fortune here - others, death in the jaws of the river dragons or a life of slavery in the distant East.

To learn more about Venârivè Almanac: Tuvâra and to make a purchase, go to:

Poetic map of Emélrenè and surrounding regions

Emélrenè Poetic Map

We are pleased to be able to provide a 'poetic' map of Emélrenè and the surrounding regions, as drawn by the loremaster (rowánti) Fástred of Beréma. This free expansion complements the Kingdom of Emélrenè and Emélrenè Regional Map products.

Includes three versions of the map:

  • a single-layer PDF map with certain information not displayed, principally the names of 'special' and minor locations.
  • a multi-layer PDF map with all information available via PDF layers, including a grid overlay.
  • a single-layer map entirely in Lakíse and Eméla, the script and language of Emélrenè...
  • Download here: Poetic Map

    We hope that Gamemasters and players both find this a useful tool in playing in Emélrenè.

    Chéler alliances and feuds

    A supplement to the Kingdom of Chélemby module, which gathers together information on the various Chéler tia-nalâri (noble clan) alliances and feuds.

    This information will be further developed in the forthcoming Chélemby Clans and Folk.

    Atlas Keléstia - TRZN D1 (Néoma)

    Fire in the Sky, Metal in the Earth

    Keléstia Productions are pleased to announce the publication of Atlas Keléstia #46.

    This issue describes map square D1 (Néoma) on the Emélrenè map. This region lies deep in the Jerinálian Mountains and within the eastern Jerinála March of Emélrenè. While most of the Jerinála March is the domain of the Émhlè (Free Eméla), this region includes the settled hundred of Mârnadyn and the Barony of Néoma, seat of the Duke of Jerinál, Anávras al Edhélen. This settled area was established c. TR100 during the ‘Time of Fire’ when Néoma Castle was constructed as part of the efforts to combat the depradations of fire drakes across the region.

    Today, the region is transfixed with fear that fire drakes may be returning once again; several have been sighted and a number of sheep and rangers are missing.The fire drakes are only one of a number of tensions and concerns in the Émhlè ranges around Néoma. The leaders of two ranges — Belgârys and Nalamérn — have in recent years granted mining rights to the Miners' Guild in exchange for significant payments; this has led to major rifts between Émhlè supporting and opposing this development. Finally, as elsehwere in Emélrenè, worrying activity in ethereal zones is growing.

    To learn more about Atlas Keléstia TRZN-D1 and to make a purchase, go to:

    To learn more about Atlas Keléstia and to view a map of the published issues, see http://www.kelestia.com/atlas. A list of issues in order of publication date is available at

    Kingdom of Emélrenè published

    The land between the Es...

    We are extremely proud to announce that after many years of work, Kingdom of Emélrenè is now available. This module has had input from many different people over the years, including Matt Roegner, Ken Snellings, Robert Schmunk, and many other members of the HârnMakers' Guild and the staff of Keléstia Productions. Of course, the original inspiration for this module lies in the work of N. Robin Crossby.

    The module is perhaps the most comprehensive and detailed description of any realm of Venârivè or HârnWorld yet produced. It covers matters as broad as Emélrenè's unique and perilous ethereal environment, its long and complex history, its folklore, its unusual religious practices, the key role played by arcane societies, its many branches of government, and the wide-ranging diplomatic reach of the realm. Also included are details of military forces, the economy, and descriptions of around 130 majors towns, castles, keeps and other locations.

    The module also includes extensive additional reference information, on religious land holdings; special locations; Émhlè ranges and clans; class, ethnicity and religious affiliation, military statistics, a list of the unique festivals and dates of the Emélan calendar; information on the complex Emélan system of noble honorifics; a list of common Emélan names and a sizeable glossary of useful Emélan words.

    We trust you will enjoy this product as much as we have enjoyed producing it.

    To find out more about this publication, and to purchase it, click here.

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